A new linear space with an area of 2.4 hectares (6 acres) was created by the project, running 850 metres in length, parallel and adjacent to the main retail commercial core of the town. The materials used were limestone and concrete cobbles, perforated sheet steel, timber and concrete.

One of the major considerations was to replace the pleasant sound and tactile effect of walking on the old Woodenworks with a similar experience. Accordingly, 4,220 sq. metres of timber decking were used for walkways. The principal pedestrian walkway runs parallel to the water from the bridge on the northern end to Paul Quay at the southern end. A number of connecting timber walkway routes connect back at right angles to the end of the existing streets leading to Main Street. The new quay is now used for all forms of pedestrian activities e.g. walking, jogging, social interaction and for large outdoor events.

Hartecast Seats and Tree Guards were chosen by the NBA on this scheme.  12 years on today they still look good.


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