Cork IT Street Furniture

All around the country you can find Hartecast street furniture in Irish streets, hospitals, universities, parks and train stations.

As the only supplier of street furniture in UK that also designs and manufactures their products they can provide customers with an unequaled level of service.

The street furniture in Irish streets that Hartecast supplies is from a wide range that include many items all of which are robust, long lasting and designed with a high level of attention to detail. Because Hartecast also designs and manufactures their street furniture in Irish streets they have greater flexibility and dynamism in the approach they bring to designing the products they supply. The understanding of client need they gain in the supply process can be brought back to the design phase and adapted in manufacturing. This means that Hartecast products are made not only with client needs in mind but also with a greater understanding of what exactly those needs are.

There are more than 60 different types of Hartecast street furniture in Irish streets. One of the street furniture product types that Hartecast specialise in are litter bins. Hartecast design, manufacture and supply a range of different bin types to suit a variety of different needs and requirements. All bins incorporate 316 grade stainless steel. Some bins are wholly manufactured from stainless steel; others are made from ductile iron and incorporate elements of stainless steel such as about the receptacle opening and in the hinges. Both these metal types are used because of their high levels of resistance to impact and vandalism. This means that bins are unlikely to need to be replaced before the end of their operational life due to traffic accidents or because they have been vandalised.

Hartcast also design, manufacture and supply a wide range of distinctive benches. They are designed in a variety of styles to suit many different types of environment from bucolic local parks to busy down town plazas and modern commercial centres. Some of the designs produced by Hartecast include classic style timber and cast iron style benches that would fit well in a Victorian park.