High quality products from street furniture suppliers Hartecast

Hartecast are high quality litter bin suppliers that provide bins to city and borough councils, university campuses and businesses across the UK, helping to keep them free of litter.

There is no doubt that litter is an ongoing problem in cities and towns across the UK and the vast majority of people who work and live in our towns and cities want to see them clean and free of litter. Wherever possible most people will put their rubbish in a litter bin. Very few people will use the lack of proximity to a litter bin as an excuse to litter. The problem is that people carrying litter can forget they are carrying it, or drop it accidentally while trying to do something else. That is why specifying high quality products from street furniture suppliers Hartecast is important and why supplying litter bins in busy areas is an effective means of keeping streets as tidy as possible. This also makes less work for street cleaners meaning councils have to hire fewer street cleaners as they can cover a larger area.

Installing Hartecast’s durable and robust litter bins makes for a sound investment. Our hard wearing litter bins require little maintenance and lasting for 30 years or more minimises replacement costs.

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