Stainless steel grade 316 is manufactured with higher levels of chromium which makes it more resistant to corrosion than the standard stainless steel used in manufacturing of household cutlery and other culinary implements. It is sometimes referred to as marine steel due to its resistance to the effects of sea water and its common use in marine design. This also means it is ideal for use in infrastructural elements for cities and towns, particularly in coastal areas. Handrails, barriers and street bollards are all critical elements in keeping a town orderly and so it is important to ensure that these items are robust and heard wearing. Not only do they have to be able to withstand prolonged exposure to the weather but they must also be able to deal with vehicle collisions as well as the possibility of vandalism.

This is why all Hartecast stainless steel bollards and litter bins are fabricated from 316 grade stainless steel. The numerous town centres that have had Hartecast street furniture products installed have done so with the knowledge that these products will be long lasting and hard wearing. Many of these town centres have been in coastal areas such as Dublin and Belfast where higher salt levels in air moisture leaves exposed steel such as that used in stainless steel bollards more prone to corrosion making corrosion resistant stainless steel an important factor in the installation of street furniture.

It is not only urban centres that employ street furniture such as stainless steel bollards, bins and benches. Parks and other public areas require bollards to ensure vehicular traffic does not accidentally enter park grounds and other pedestrianised areas. Stainless steel bins are obviously important to park areas. Firstly, they ensure the park is kept tidy so that it can be enjoyed by all. Secondly, their robustness allows them to protect not only against vandals but also wild animals that may roam the park and attempt to open, remove or otherwise dismantle the bin in order to access food scraps inside.

Hartecast is the only Irish street furniture supplier that designs and manufactures their own unique range of street furniture.