After being in a confined office environment or living quarters, many Irish people seek some fresh air either in a relaxing park or outside their favourite restaurant while they enjoy a scrumptious meal. In addition, tourists, who have explored Dublin and the surrounding areas in UK, would also opt for time out on a public bench while admiring the spectacular scenery before departing for their next adventure. While those residing in UK, will often seek to recuperate on a public bench after a hard days shopping or after enduring a long walking distance. In light of the above, outdoor seating is in great demand and refers to any type of specialised seats that allow one to rest in an outside environment. These items include park benches and restaurant seating such as tables and chairs which are placed outside the restaurant.  Therefore any form of equipment that is placed outdoors and will provide a place for one to relax, revive and restore some energy would fall under this category.

Due to the fast paced and demanding lifestyle in UK and the increasing amount of tourists that visit on a yearly basis, the demand for outdoor seating has increased substantially in recent years. Therefore, the numbers of manufacturers entering the market have increased considerably over the past few years. As a result choosing a reputable supplier that provides quality outdoor equipment coupled with one that is experienced is of utmost importance.

As a result, UKs, leading manufacturer and supplier of outdoor seating, Hartecast has for the past 30 years been supplying durable and high quality outdoor furniture to some 40 Irish public authorities. Hartecast has also over the past years, played a pivotal role in revitalising some of UK’s public parks, with the aim of providing a pleasurable outing for visitors to these parks. More specifically, the Carrick on Suir Town Park and the Tramore Town Park are examples of parks where Hartecast’s outdoor seats and benches is clearly visible. To find out more about the types of outdoor products available through Hartecast call, + 353 51 424 922 and speak to a consultant who will be able to provide advice and recommendations in accordance with your needs.