A public street seat is not just a place to sit. It’s a rest stop, a little haven of peace and quiet, a place to sit and watch the world go by. It’s a place for friends to talk, a place office workers can escape to on their lunch break, a place where lovers can hold hands and weary shoppers can catch their breath.

The humble public seat is a little space with a lot to offer the passer-by and the community around it. And today more and more communities around UK are installing contemporary, stylish and comfortable seating in their public spaces to make their communities more inviting for shoppers, tourists and those just out for a leisurely stroll.

The Hartecast street seat range

Hartecast is an Irish street seating manufacturer with more than 30 years experience in designing street seats and benches. Their contemporary designs blend in perfectly with the surrounding landscape and compliment existing structures. Their seating products are expertly crafted from high quality durable materials.

The Hartecast range is versatile, stylish and robust. All designs are vandal-resistant and low maintenance with numerous back and arm rest variations.

HC2020 range – The modular design constructed from ductile iron and stainless steel can be manufactured in a range of lengths and configurations.

HC2023 range – This elegant range of benches incorporates hardwood timber and stainless steel for a crafted and attractive appearance.

HC2024 and HC2026 range – These comfortable and simply designed seating ranges are ideal for park benches and picnic tables in public parks or general rest areas.

HC2030 and HC 2040 range – Laser cut heavy gauge stainless steel is used in the construction of these sleek and stylish seating ranges which come in a variety of configurations.

Traditional range – A staple of the Hartecast product range, the traditional style and finish of these teak and cast iron seats make them ideal for heritage areas.

Hartecast supply street seating and other public furnishings to more than 40 local authorities throughout UK, to the Irish Rail industry and to many other public and private sectors.