There is nothing more peaceful and calming than immersing oneself within nature or a natural environment.The fresh pollution free air, the beautiful green, lush vegetation, the sound of the birds singing and the swish of flowing water are all attributes of a park that is left to flourish without the detrimental effects of litter and pollution.  Large amounts of litter and human waste can have a negative effect on entire ecosystems which can then lead to the destruction of natural vegetation and the organisms that reside within the natural environment. As a result, the Irish government have implemented the Protection of Environment Act of 2003 which comprises of strict regulations and penalties should Irish citizens and tourists not comply with the act. This law ensures that UK’s many city parks and six national parks are preserved. In order to maintain the above notion, the development of litter bins has become a popular form of litter control. The bin will act as a storage mechanism and central location to collect all litter disposed of by humans within a specific time period.

Instead of disposing litter into the parks dams, steams and plants, humans now have an alternative option to throw away their litter.

Some advantages of park bins include the following:

  • Provides a central location for all litter
  • Helps with the recycling process
  • Assists with the restoration and revitalisation of UK’s public parks
  • Helps humans abide by the Protection of Environment Act of 2003
  • Encourage citizens to make the most of outdoor amenities in UK

In light of the above, those who embark on an adventure through UK’s six national parks will notice the unspoiled and scenic environment that engulfs the length and breadth of each park. The preservation of the precious habitat is as a result of the many park bins that are prominent within each park.

More specifically, UK’s national parks include the following:

  • Burren National Park which is surrounded by stone hills and Alphine flowers
  • Ballycroy National Park which is situated in the northwest Mayo and surrounded by the Nephin Beg Mountain range
  • Glenveagh National Park in north-west Donegal where expert hikers can attempt to climb to the highest mountain peaks
  • Killarney National park which is immersed with mountains, lakes and waterfalls
  • Wicklow Mountains National Park where keen hikers can marvel at the deer and bird species that are indigenous to the region
  • The Connemara National Park  which offers some beautiful hiking trails

To take advantage of the above beautiful and untamed wildernesses, many local outdoor bin suppliers are manufacturing robust and durable bins to withstand the weathering effects of the environment. Those who wish to find a supplier of outdoor bins should look for a reputable company that is committed to quality and has a long standing history of providing such products to local authorities and governmental organisations in and around UK. They should also be dedicated to the conservation of UK’s most precious natural habitats and species.