Trees in urban areas represent a sound investment. That investment can be insured by implementing protection for trees.  More and more area planners are recognising the benefits of planting trees in built up areas.  Some of the benefits are obvious such as simply making an area more attractive. They add colour to areas that are mostly different shades of grey. They also help to soften the hard edges of buildings which can dominate the city dwellers’ perspective.

Generally the presence of trees in an area improves the mood and feeling of well being of those using the area. For a shopping district this may mean shoppers are likely to spend more time shopping and are more likely to return.

Tree Grille Guard

In a commercial or industrial area such as an office park it can contribute to employee contentment which can benefit productivity. This could mean higher profitability for a planted area than one that is not planted. Other effects such as noise buffering can prevent office workers from being distracted by outside noise such as traffic.

Property is likely to be more valuable if it is in an area where trees are maintained. The sense of calm they provide mean the area is less likely to be prone to vandalism or unruly behaviour.

While it is clear that planting trees in urban areas has many benefits it is a substantial investment to plant, grow and maintain a tree in an urban area, not only in money but also in time. Trees are much more vulnerable in urban areas where they must contend with heavy vehicles and construction equipment. A tree that has taken years to grow can be destroyed in seconds by a truck reversing carelessly onto a sidewalk.

For this reason it is very important to install adequate protection for trees particularly when the tree is still relatively young. A tree guard protects saplings and younger trees from both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Tree grilles are used to support tree guards and to protect trees from litter collecting in the soil around their base. Grilles also prevent soil or other mediums such as pebbles from spreading out onto the street and making mess.