The simple but essential role of the traffic bollard

HC2010 Double Collar Traffic Bollard from Hartecast UK

A traffic bollard is a simple but vitally essential item for the safety and security of the UK’s busy pedestrianized areas and other roads and streets. These steel sentinels guard road users and pedestrians from each other and make public areas safer and more efficient for everyone.

What role do traffic bollards play in town centres?

Bollards provide traffic cues for road users, warning them when they are entering busy town centres where they will encounter a lot of people.

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This helps drivers to navigate more effectively around the town and adhere to road rules and signals. Bollards help to contain traffic flow and encourage drivers to slow down and take care.

HC2080 Traffic Bollard with strip for UK Universities

Bollards also keep cars, vans, trucks and other vehicles out of pedestrianized areas such as pathways and open spaces, preventing illegal parking. The bollards clearly define where the road ends and the walkway begins. Some bollards can be installed temporarily, allowing town planners to make roads accessible to drivers outside of peak shopping times.

For pedestrians, bollards help them to be aware of the road conditions and warns them when they are approaching an area open to traffic.

Bollards can be found in commercial shopping precints and high streets and the roads leading in to town centres, but may also be found in public car parks, airports, bus and train stations, sports stadiums, concert venues and other busy public venues. Parks can also be controlled by bollards, with the devices marking where cars may not enter and preventing access to unpermitted vehicles.

Traffic bollards from Hartecast

Hartecast is a UK bollard manufacturer that provides local authorities across the country with a quality range of bollards.

Hartecasts’s bollards are made of concrete, steel and cast iron and are crafted using the utmost quality processes. Bollards can either be fixed structures which are bolted to concrete in the ground or temporary structures with removable fixtures.

Hartecast have more than 30 years experience designing and manufacturing bollards for town councils and private corporations throughout the UK.

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Hartecast are the leading traffic bollard manufacturer and supplier in the UK. Contact us today for a full range of traffic bollards.
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