Street Furniture Manufacturers

The company was founded back in 1981 and Hartecast now offers more than 30 years indepth experience in Street Furniture manufacturing. This includes knowledge of many different sectors in both the U.K. and Ireland.

Our inhouse team is highly experienced in the design and manufacture of a series of ranges of street furniture that offer high design values, longevity and excellent performance. We are confident that Hartecast products will outlast all competitor products in the marketplace at present.

Design and Detail

An absolute focus on detail and a comprehensive selection of Contemporary street furniture ranges means that Hartecast products can enhance every environment from historic to modern surrounds. A variety of materials including Ductile iron, recycled composites, stainless steel and renewable hardwoods are combined ergonomically to produce products that are both practical and beautiful.

Long Life – Value over Time

The extremely durable materials and strong manufacturing practices used in the construction of all Hartecast street furniture offers customers a reduction in replacement programmes and in maintenance charges. If you compare the cost of Hartecast products against competitors, the economic benefit is clear. To do the same exercise over 30 years makes it even clearer – Hartecast products are proven, robust and excellent value for money over time.

Looks Great for Longer

The excellent quality protective coatings and finishes that are used in our manufacturing processes means that Hartecast products are highly durable. In 30 years time, well maintained products can look as good as new when managed through our refurbishment programme.

Street Smart and Tough

Street Tough

Hartecast Litter Bin still perfect after being hit by a truck!

Hartecast street furniture is highly vandal resistant. Each range is manufactured for purpose with no compromise on design and appeal.

Inclusivity and Mobility Considerations

Within each range there are many products which have been developed with the less-mobile and  visually impaired in mind.

Environmental Benefits

Recycling and reducing our environmental impact are core to the way we work. In addition to the longevity of our products and the option to refurbish instead of replacing products, the materials themselves can be recycled at the end of their life-cycle.

Hartecast has an absolute committed to delivering the very highest standards of environmental manufacturing, to minimise pollution and the overall impact of business operations.