Public street furniture – a part of the UK’s landscape

Public Parks Benches for Public Furniture in the UK

Public furniture plays an important part of the UKs streetscapes and town designs. Visitors to this country are often impressed by how clean, tidy and welcoming city centres, towns and villages are. But our citizens also take great pride in caring for the appearance of their towns, and home owners, business owners and government authorities are all doing their part to maintain a picturesque England.

Over the years tidy town competitions have encouraged citizens and local councils alike to take care and pride in the appearance of their public spaces, and this has gone a long way towards making the UK the beautiful and inviting place that it is.

The role of public street furnishings in keeping the UK beautiful

Street furniture is an important part of the design of the UK’s public spaces. Furnishings like street benches, seats, litter bins, bollards, planter boxes and cycle racks make up the decor of our outdoor areas.

Local councils authorities are responsible for ensuring these items are readily available and for maintaining, cleaning and preserving these items.

Hartecast is a leading manufacturer of public street furniture for the UK

Their range includes:

HC2056 Litter Bins UK

Litter BinsHartecast’s robust litter bins are made from grade 316 stainless steel and ductile iron, and combine contemporary style with tough, solid and vandal-proof materials.


Seats and Benches – The Hartecast outdoor seating range is made from corrosion-, rust- and vandal-resistant materials like hardwood timber, stainless steel and ductile iron, finished with protective powder coating.

HC2075 Bollard 76mm Dia

BollardsHartecast’s sleek stainless steel bollards are made from grade 316 stainless steel with 3-4mm wall thickness and come in either a polished or powder coated finish.

HC200 Planter Boxes

HC200 Planter Boxes

PlantersHartecast’s range of planters are made from materials like ductile iron and stainless and galvanised steel planters are durable and attractive.

fi-hc2088 cycle stand for the UK

Cycle stands – Hartecast provide a range of cycle racks that are stylish as well as functional, constructed from stainless steel with fixed concrete roots.

HC1200 Tree Protection

Tree protection – Hartecast provide a range of tree guards and grilles made from galvanised and stainless steel in a variety of designs.

View Hartecast’s public street furniture products here.  Email for sales information and advice


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