Life Time Value of Hartecast Street Furniture Products

Life Time Value of Hartecast Products

The highest quality manufacturing standards used to produce products ideal for their purpose. Our proven manufacturing processes, expert knowledge of materials and our design skills are second to none in the street furnishing sector.

An investment in Hartecast UK street furniture will deliver a long-lasting cost benefit with our products having exceptionally long life spans and delivering real value for money over time.

Hartecast designs products to have a usable life of 30 + years, if maintained according to the specified standards and we can assist in this maintainance if required. All of the Ductile Iron components Hartecast produce are fully recyclable when they reach the end of their life-cycle.

Refurbishment Service for Litter Bins

In the past, Litter bin maintenance has been expensive e.g. with damaged hinges, broken doors and more. Hartecast products are highly durable therefore clients who engage with us to refurbish our equipment get the real benefit of a highly cost-effective service, along with the aesthtic appeal of well-maintained street furniture.

Hartecast is delighted to offer a complete Litter Bin ‘Refurbishment’ service for our customers.

As Hartecast litter bins are so long-lasting, with a life-cycle of 30 years or more, refurbishment may only be necessary after 5 or 6 years, when a small amount of work can give a complete make-over to keep the furniture looking bright and fresh again.