Platform and station furniture makes journeys pleasant

Railway Station Street Furniture UK

People rely on comfortable platform and street furniture to make their journey a pleasant experience. Bus and train stations that don’t have sufficient or well maintained seating for their passengers are not living up to their responsibility to offer their customers safe and relaxing travel. Lack of other furnishings like bins, bollards, cycle racks and planter boxes can also have a negative effect on the station’s image.

By simply installing secure and well designed benches, seats, litter bins and planter boxes to house welcoming shrubbery in passenger waiting areas, you will ensure you are living up to your promise to deliver on customer service in your transit areas.

Passengers can sit back, relax and while away their commute waiting times in an area that is well equipped and designed for their comfort.

Types of platform furnishings you need to make your station inviting include:

Litter Bins – bins keep station platforms clean, tidy and hygienic. Robust and secure litter bins made from stainless steel and ductile iron combine style with tough vandal-proof materials.

Seats and Benches – seating should be secure and easy to clean and maintain. Seating should be made from corrosion-, rust- and vandal-proof materials like hardwood timber, stainless steel and ductile iron, and finished with a protective coating.

Bollards -  these are essential for clearly marking divisions between pedestrian areas and bus, car and taxi drop off points and are vital for station safety.

Planters – planters securely house plants, flowers and shrubbery and make stations more pleasing and welcoming for passengers.

Hartecast platform and station furniture is designed for comfort, style and safety.

Hartecast is a leading supplier of street furnishings in the UK. The Hartecast range of furnishings for transit areas has been installed in bus and train stations across the country for over 30 years. You can see examples of platform furniture in our rail case study.

View Hartecast’s range of platform and station furniture. Email for more advice.


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