Litter bin manufacturers – how bin makers are making Britain beautiful

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How do humble litter bin manufacturers help to improve the standard of living in the UK? Think about your daily life in and around UK town centres – your commute to work, your day out shopping on the high street, your stroll through a park or along a seaside promenade – every time you use and interact with public spaces you rely on litter bins to dispose of your rubbish and to keep those areas clean, tidy and hygienic.

Without regularly positioned and well maintained litter bins in these locations, town cleanliness would soon deteriorate. Pollution, unpleasant smells and unattractive landscapes would quickly replace pleasant livable surroundings. Hazardous bacteria would spread, vermin would rule the streets and visitors (and the tourism pound) would hastily retreat. Litter bins are simply an everyday essential for our town centres, leisure areas and transport facilities. They are quite simply part of the furniture in our urban landscapes. We don’t notice them until we need them and if we can’t find one – or find a bin in a state of disrepair or not sufficiently maintained – we quickly realise how essential these waste containers are.

Litter bin manufacturers supply these essential waste receptacles to UK town councils and private enterprises in need of waste management products.

Litter bins helped make 2012 Olympics a success

A case in point of how litter bin manufacturers contribute to the livability of our UK town centres was in the lead up to the 2012 Olympics in London. As far back as 2010 London was preparing for the additional waste collection it anticipated during games time. Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, introduced strategies for the City of London to manage the waste disposal of the expected influx of visitors from all over the world. 25% more bins were added to the Tube network as some stations did not even have bins up until that point. Recognising that the world would be watching, London council ensured that litter bins would be present throughout all Tube stations.

This one small step was a crucial part of a series of steps the Mayor and all Londoners took to ensure their glorious games would be clean, hygienic and a welcoming experience for all.

Not only did installing the additional bins help to increase visitor comfort and safety during the games, litter bins also continue to play a crucial role in the livability of the city for the everyday citizen.

According to the Annual London Survey of 2009, 23% of Londoners considered litter to be one of the most problematic issues affecting the quality of the environment in London. 48% of Londoners admitted to dropping litter, according to a Keep Britain Tidy survey. And according to the Word on our Street survey of 2009, members of the public who are satisfied with how their area looks are more likely to feel safer in their area.

A litter bin manufacturer therefore has a crucial role to play in ensuring Britain remains a habitable, safe and inviting place to be for both citizens and tourists alike.


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