Large outdoor planters bring life to urban landscapes

Large outdoor planters, house flowers, shrubbery and greenery and provide a pleasing environment for urban landscapes in the UK. City centres, high streets, shopping malls, public transport transit areas, commercial and office centres and just about any area where people either congregate or pass through need some form of greenery and colour to make that space aesthetically pleasing and inviting.

Planter boxes provide the perfect housing solution for plants, flowers and small trees in courtyards, streets, parks and other areas exposed to lots of light and air. Planters give the plant a secure base to grow and provide it with enough space and outdoor elements to flourish.

Planters can also come with attached benches, litter bins and even lighting units, giving passers-by a place to stop and watch the world go by while eating their lunch or waiting for a friend.

They also help urban planners to make sense of outdoor spaces and can strategically place the planters to encourage movement and flow in spaces that require clever design.

Planter boxes are crafted from high performing materials such as hardwood timber, treated softwood, galvanised steel, stainless steel and ductile iron. These materials ensure a pleasing finish while also being highly durable.

Hartecast provide a range of large outdoor planter boxes

The Hartecast planter box range includes:

  • HC200 – this is a ductile iron container with a galvanized steel support frame and inbuilt plastic liner. These plant containers can often be found in pedestrianised areas such as pathways, promenades and traffic islands.
  • HC201 – this is a 316 stainless steel plant holder with galvanized steel support frames and a plastic liner. These plant holders are very suited to urban environments like office building outdoor areas and courtyards.
  • HC202 range – these are modular feature planters made from ductile iron with fully galvanized castings and heavy duty galvanized steel frames. These large heavy duty plant holders are ideal for town centre pedestrianized areas such as high street shopping malls, dining precints and other public spaces.

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