HC2053 Litter/Recycle Bin Unit

HC2053 Litter/Recycle Bin Unit Product Specifications :

  • Cast Ductile Iron large litter/recycle unit with 3 compartments
  • 3 litter posting apertures
  • 300 litre capacity
  • Manufactured from 12mm cast ductile iron
  • Dimensions 1080 x 1200 x 450mm
  • Fully galvanised with powder coat finish in our standard colours, please see our colour palette section.
  • Robust and anti-vandal hinging mechanism, using 16mm stainless steel shaft on door
  • Heavy duty galvanised steel liner.



There are 2 fixing points on the base for fitting to the ground by means of anchoring bolts

Concrete Foundations:

Recommended concrete foundation 1100x600x150mm.

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