Hard wearing and long lasting ductile iron bins

Liverpool University Litter Bins

Liverpool University Litter Bins

In order to provide longevity and robustness Hartecast design, manufacture and supply ductile iron bins to their customers. Ductile iron bins as well as various other types of street furniture such as benches and bollards have been supplied by Hartecast to numerous local councils across the UK. Other localities such as parks, train stations, hospitals and universities have also been supplied with street furniture by Hartecast.

Litter bins are an important investment for municipalities. They form a critical component in a district’s ongoing attempts to keep streets and green areas free of litter. In order to provide the greatest value for clients a bin needs to be able to continue to do its job for a long time. Bins should not need to be replaced on a regular basis. Hartecaste’s ductile iron bins are durable and resistant to all types of potential damage, from harsh weather to vandalism.

Ductile iron is also known as spheroidal graphite iron. It is essentially a mix of iron and small nodules of graphite. This makes it much more resistant to breaking or deformation than standard cast iron. Rather than shattering, ductile iron flexes to absorb impact or other forces. This means that bins made from ductile iron are highly resistant to high impact collisions as might happen when a vehicle mounts the curb and collides with a bin.

It also means the bins are highly resistant to vandalism. The bins are designed such that more vulnerable areas are reinforced with stainless steel. Areas such as hinges which are likely to be targeted by vandals are made from stainless steel. Fitting a stainless steel aperture to the bin also reduces regular wear from daily use. Over its life time thousands of items will be put through the bin’s opening. A stainless steel aperture will wear less quickly and develop fewer scuff marks than other materials. It can also be easily replaced should it somehow become damaged meaning that the bin can remain looking pristine without having to replace the entire unit.

The appearance of a bin is also a factor in its longevity. Its design should be such that it looks elegant without showing its age too quickly. Simple, clean, functional designs can stay looking new for the entirety of the bin’s operational life.

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