Ductile iron bollards for UK road safety

Ductile Iron Bollards for UK Road Safety

Ductile iron bollards are essential to the safety of road users and pedestrians in UK town centres. Bollards serve to protect the public from busy traffic conditions and help them to identify where pedestrian areas end and road thoroughfares begin.

If you are responsible for arranging the installation of bollards for your town centre there are several factors you need to consider before you begin the bollard purchasing process.

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Location – You need to consider the location of bollards to achieve maximum safety and convenience for your pedestrians and road users. Do you want to block traffic from parking or driving in pedestrian-only areas? Then choose permanent fixtures that can be bolted to the ground and place them in such a way that they impede traffic flow without causing access difficulties for pedestrians. If you need more flexibility in the usage of your pedestrian areas (for example, you need to prohibit traffic flow at certain times and allow traffic flow at other key times) then you’ll need to install bollards that can be removed or lowered when required. Make sure you understand the needs of pedestrians and road users before you decide on bollard placement.

Structure and materials – Ensure you choose bollards that meet your structural requirements. This includes selecting bollards that are made of highly durable materials – like ductile iron, concrete or steel – and include sturdy and reliable components, such as bolts and light fixtures.

Manufacturer – Does your bollard manufacturer have a good reputation for providing quality bollards constructed from the best materials? Have they worked with other town councils or private clients and can you view examples of their work? By choosing a reliable bollard manufacturer for your town centre refurbishment you can be sure your bollards will be made from the right materials and will reliably perform their function.

Why use ductile iron?

Ductile iron is a sturdy and flexible material. Its durability and adaptability make it the perfect material for bollards. It’s sturdier than aluminium but more malleable than steel.

For more information on road safety devices for your town centre contact Hartecast, a leading ductile iron bollards manufacturer.  Email info@hartecast.co.uk

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