Controlling growing urban areas with bollards for city streets

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The dynamics of today’s modern global economy mean that urban centres will continue to grow into the future as rural industries become more automated and technological and service industries see greater growth. This puts ever greater pressure on those managing the infrastructure of municipalities to cope with the demands of a larger population. Bollards for city streets provide a simple and effective tool that can form an integral part of a larger urban management strategy.

Cities can rarely grow in pace with the influx of inhabitants. This means that innovative measures have to be taken to adapt the existing infrastructure to accommodate a larger population in a city that has been designed for a smaller one.

One of the most challenging problems that face city managers is that of safety for pedestrians. Bollards in city streets perform a key role in keeping traffic and pedestrians safely apart in ever more cramped city streets. Lining a critical pavement corner or junction with bollards is a much more efficient solution than creating a custom barrier.

Creating a system of traffic flow that allows pedestrians to traverse a city with an adequate degree of safety while also ensuring that traffic can flow freely and smoothly can call for dynamic solutions. Very often pedestrianisation is implemented as an effective means of coping with this situation. It can allow traffic to be rerouted around the areas of a city with the greatest density of pedestrians. This reduces congestion as traffic does not attempt to move through such areas where it would have to slow down significantly and cause further congestion elsewhere. Pedestrians can then move freely around central areas such as shopping districts and financial centres allowing these areas to function more efficiently. Bollards for city streets can be used to ensure unfamiliar drivers do not unintentionally enter pedestrian areas causing potential disruptions or even accidents. Removable bollards can be installed to allow for certain vehicles such as delivery vehicles, street cleaning and other maintenance vehicles as well as ambulances and other emergency services.

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