Choosing the right design and materials for train station furniture

Railway Street Furniture UK

A combination of increasing energy cost and ever greater congestion in cities means that commuters and citizens in general are likely to come to rely on transport by train more and more in the future. Governments and transport authorities are recognising this future demand by upgrading railway networks and improving train station facilities. Train station furniture is one of the elements that are taken into consideration when updating train station facilities.

As an investment train station furniture must be durable and hard wearing. Many train stations are not wholly covered so furniture is likely to be exposed to the elements. They must be made from materials that can withstand long days of rain and cold just as well as they can withstand long days under the glare of the sun. They must also be able to cope with transitions between the two as when a warm summer day changes to a chilly night. Materials must be able to accommodate the changes that occur such as contraction from temperature changes.

Withstanding prolonged exposure to moisture is another challenge that not only the materials used in train station furniture must be able to cope with but also the design. Poorly designed seating for example might have a dip in the seat but without adequate drainage water may collect. This not only exposes the seat to unnecessary corrosion potential it also makes the seating unusable until it has dried. A well designed train station bench will allow water to run off its surface quickly and smoothly so that its surface is dry and usable as soon after rainfall as possible.

Seating and other station furniture design should also be space efficient. Space can be limited on a station platform and when platforms become crowded as during rush hours they can be potentially dangerous. While some designs may be interesting or unique if they don’t use the space they take up efficiently then they are not likely to be suitable for use as furniture in a train station.

Hartecast design and supply a range of street furniture of high quality and standards of manufacturing. They supply furniture such as litter bins, benches and other seating types to transport authorities for use in train stations.

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