Choosing a street furniture manufacturer in the UK

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Choosing a street furniture manufacturer in the UK is easier to do today than ever before. Thanks to manufacturing company websites, online product brochures and catalogues, and convenient points of contact for sales enquiries, the process of researching which street furniture manufacturer to choose is simple.

Gone are the days of trying to hunt down manufacturers product catalogues only to be disappointed with the lack of information. Gone too are the days of endless back and forth phone calls with sales departments or long time consuming and time wasting meetings with potential manufacturers.

Now, when you want to browse a company’s street furniture product range or get an understanding of their company history, who they’ve worked with and their overall reputation – you can simply go online.

Most reputable street furniture manufacturers now have their own websites which include everything you need to know about their products, processes and reputation. You should be able to view photos of their actual products, read the specifications of the construction methods and materials they use, see testimonials from clients they have worked with and read about their experience, company values and relevant accreditation  Their website should also provide you with an easy point of contact for sales inquiries.

By perusing the websites of a few selective street furniture manufacturers you can narrow down the playing field and only pursue sales inquiries with the ones that tick your boxes.

Hartecast is a UK street furniture manufacturer with an extensive product catalogue you can view on their website.

Their street furniture range includes:

Litter Binsrobust and stylish litter bins made from grade 316 stainless steel and ductile iron.

Seats and Benches – made from corrosion-, rust- and vandal-resistant materials like hardwood timber, stainless steel and ductile iron.

Bollardssleek stainless steel bollards made from grade 316 stainless steel.

Planters – made from materials like ductile iron and stainless galvanised steel, HC’s planters are durable and attractive.

Tree protection – made from galvanised and stainless steel in a variety of designs.

View Hartecast’s public street furniture products or Email for straightforward sales information and advice.


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