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Articles about street furniture like litter bins, bollards, bicycle stands, tree protectors racks, parka benches and seats.

Selecting platform furniture in the UK

Platform furniture is used throughout the UK’s public transport facilities to provide passengers with comfort and convenience.

Ductile iron bollards for UK road safety

Ductile iron bollards are essential to the safety of road users and pedestrians in UK town centres.

Railway and Train Station Street Furniture

Train station furniture – a simple essential for UK stations

Train station furniture is an essential part of UK train stations for passenger comfort and convenience.

Cast iron litter bins in UK parks

Cast iron litter bins keep UK parks and public spaces clean and tidy.

Choosing a street furniture manufacturer in the UK

Choosing a street furniture manufacturer in the UK is easier to do today than ever before.

Litter bin manufacturers – how bin makers are making Britain beautiful

How do humble litter bin manufacturers help to improve the standard of living in the UK?

Hard wearing and long lasting ductile iron bins

In order to provide longevity and robustness Hartecast design, manufacture and supply ductile iron bins to their customers.

Choosing the right design and materials for train station furniture

A combination of increasing energy cost and ever greater congestion in cities means that commuters and citizens in general are likely to come to rely on transport by train more and more in the future.

A wealth of understanding in the design of public furniture

As a leading supplier of public furniture Hartecast takes pride in providing local authorities and city councils with durable and cost effective products.

Controlling growing urban areas with bollards for city streets

The dynamics of today’s modern global economy mean that urban centres will continue to grow into the future as rural industries become more automated and technological and service industries see greater growth.

The simple but essential role of the traffic bollard

A traffic bollard is a simple but vitally essential item for the safety and security of the UK’s busy pedestrianized areas and other roads and streets. These steel sentinels guard road users and pedestrians from each other and make public …

Public street furniture – a part of the UK’s landscape

Public furniture plays an important part of the UKs streetscapes and town designs. Visitors to this country are often impressed by how clean, tidy and welcoming city centres, towns and villages are.

Large outdoor planters bring life to urban landscapes

Large outdoor planters, house flowers, shrubbery and greenery and provide a pleasing environment for urban landscapes in the UK.

Platform and station furniture makes journeys pleasant

People rely on comfortable platform and street furniture to make their journey a pleasant experience.

Hartecast: leading bollard manufacturers in the UK

When looking for bollard manufacturers in the UK to provide you with a sturdy, well-designed and reliable product look no further than Hartecast.

Street Furniture manufacturers in Manchester, playing a key role in growth of the city

The character of public spaces in modern cities is usually defined by the prevalence of dynamic and useful services that are available to residents and visitors alike. 

Street furniture for Manchester, an ideal location

Manchester is known to be a tourist hub for many visitors who plan to tour the United Kingdom. 

Tree Protection essential to present and future of UK and the world

Perhaps one of the most under appreciated aspects of our natural world are trees.

Litter Bin Suppliers in UK are crucial to the general hygiene of ordinary citizens

The modern consumer world has not only bought with it considerable progress in key aspects of living such as technology and transport, but is has also created an excessive amount of consumer waste products.

Hartecast UK Bicycle Racks Improve Outdoor Spaces like Middleton Gardens, Manchester

The use of outdoor bicycle racks can improve the look of any public realm while also meeting the needs of the public in the UK.

Street furniture that makes urban centres more attractive and more effective

Providing local councils, city authorities, and campus managers with cost effective durable street furniture solutions is Hartecast’s primary goal.

Enhancing public spaces with park benches

Parks, waterfront greens and other open public spaces are an important part of any town and city.

Considerations of street furniture manufacturers take in design and production

We walk by it in many different forms everyday but rarely give it a second thought.

Present and protect urban foliage with tree grilles, guards and planters.

Hartecast supply a range of products design to enhance and protect the vegetation maintained in cities and towns.

A rang of quality benches, bins and bollards from Hartecast

Hartecast street furniture suppliers design and manufacture their own range of functional and aesthetic street furniture that includes items such as bins, benches and bollards.

Public Furniture more relevant than ever to public prosperity

A significant aspect of living in the modern age is the prevalence of an assortment of items that not only add colour and vibrancy to the local scenery, but also provide an invaluable service to the general public.

Street Litter Bins are essential to the development of Manchester and other UK cities

The heart and soul of a town or city like Manchester is defined by the image that it portrays to the outside world.

Traffic bollards create a safe haven for both pedestrians in the UK

Traffic control is always a vital element to the daily proficiency of any bustling metropolis.

Street Furniture Design is central to a location’s essence

When defining the personal image we portray to the outside world, the appearance of our home town is often considered to have equal weighting to our personal appearance, Inevitably, an extension of the pride we have as human beings can …

Next Generation Street Furniture Design

Street furniture has been brought into the modern age with the Hartecast range of street furniture design.