A wealth of understanding in the design of public furniture

Public Parks Benches for Public Furniture in the UK

As a leading supplier of public furniture Hartecast takes pride in providing local authorities and city councils with durable and cost effective products. Hartecast also designs and manufactures the products it supplies.

Because they design and manufacture the public furniture products they supply to customers Hartecast are able to develop a greater understanding of the needs and requirements of their clients and then invest that understanding back into the design and manufacture process. As a result, Hartecast are capable of providing a range of street furniture products that perform effectively, are highly durable and long lasting, and are designed to conform to the style of many different area types.

One of the most popular items of public furniture supplied by Hartecast is the bollard. Bollards are a flexible item of street furniture that can play a number of roles and provides a dynamic solution to many of the problems faced by local authorities in managing urban areas. In increasingly crowded urban areas the problem of keeping pedestrians safe while at the same time allowing traffic to flow freely through a city is ever more difficult to deal with.

HC2065 Bollards UK

Bollards provide a cost effective means of keeping pedestrians and traffic separate from one another. A row of bollards can be a much more effective means of keeping pedestrians safe from traffic than a custom built guard rail.

Of course a city can only accommodate so much traffic and beyond a certain point commuting to work by bicycle becomes an attractive option for many urban inhabitants. This is ideal for city and town planners who typically promote cycling as a means to get around urban areas as it reduces the pressure on traffic infrastructure.

HC2091 Bicycle Stands

Providing adequate bicycle stands around commercial areas so that workers can safely lock their bicycles then becomes an important part of encouraging commuters to make the change from car to bike. Hartecast supply a range of durable and effective bicycle stands. Their simple, clean lines mean they fit in well with any surroundings.

Pedestrian areas of town and cities can be made into a more attractive and enjoyable space with effective use of planters to bring greenery into built up areas. This encourages consumers to return to shopping districts on a more regular basis.

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